The Norwegian Wind Ensemble | Steffen Schorn
Hermeto Pascoal | Marcio Bahia | Roger Hanschel


The Norwegian Wind Ensemble | Steffen Schorn
Hermeto Pascoal | Marcio Bahia | Roger Hanschel
The Norwegian Wind Ensemble conducted by Steffen Schorn
Hermeto Pascoal – prepared piano, water glass, melodica, bass flute, voice
Marcio Bahia – drums, percussion
Roger Hanschel – sopranino sax, soprano sax, F-mezzosoprano sax, alto sax
Steffen Schorn – C-melody sax, baritone sax, bass sax, Eb-tubax, Bb-tubax, alto flute, bass flute, bass clarinet, contraalto clarinet, harmophon

International Press:

„…The wide range of this present production is – like the previous, much-praised production “Tiefenträume” (Dreams from the depths) – is unparalleled for variety and expressive power.“

„… it is the genius of Steffen Schorn – and the members of the Norwegian Wind Ensemble – to bring all of this multitudinous harmonic palimpsest to life in a manner that constantly reminds us of Mr Pascoal’s unique lyrical gifts … quite magical and eminently enjoyable…“

Magische Klangpoesie: Steffen Schorn und „Det Norske Blåseensemble“ widmen sich der Musik der brasilianischen Musiklegende Hermeto Pascoal“

„… Das Album ist mehr als ein übliche Hommage. Es zeugt von musikalischer Seelenverwandtschaft.“ Werner Stiefele, RONDO

„Hermeto’s Universe“ (Paschen Records) is of a similarly provocative quality, referring to the Brazilian composer Hermeto Pascoal…The bass saxophonist Steffen Schorn has achieved an outstanding homage to the maestro’s 85th birthday by arranging these complex structures for the Norwegian Wind Ensemble and achieving a maximum degree of aesthetic appeal thanks to the smooth drive of the percussion maestro Marcio Bahia
Michael Kube, NMZ December 2020

„In seinen Neuarrangements von Pascoal-Stücken hebt ihn der deutsche Saxophonist Steffen Schorn endgültig in den Pantheon…. Es hängt mit der komplexen Instrumentierung zusammen, dass einem solche Gedanken aufsuchen.“

„verschachtelte und doch transparente, stets abwechslungsreiche Großensemblemusik, die laufend und mit Feingespür zu überraschen weiß … Indeed: This is ein Universum, sich selbst genug.“
Levi Sorglos, JAZZPODIUM September 2020

„The Norwegian Wind Ensemble was founded in 1734, so the competition can only be amazed. The 24 musicians switch between styles and genres with ease, here they celebrated the music of the Brazilian Hermeto Pascoal with Steffen Schorn.“
Günther Huesmann, „Jazz across the border“

„Maximum degree of aesthetic sound attractiveness … Steffen Schorn has succeeded in creating an outstanding homage to the Brazilian composer Hermeto Pascoal.“
Hans-Dieter Grünefeld, SONIC July / August 2020

„… a harmoniously complex music like“ Ilza Nova „with the force of a samba school and a rousing timing. Here you can hear the craziest changes in tempo and harmony. Among other things, Schorn plays the Tubax, a special saxophone in the sub-double bass range, and he makes it snore, grunt and rattle that it blows your ears off. … In the interpretation of this ensemble, compositions like „Mente Clara“ with their strict beauty blossom into heartbreaking beauty. „
Ralf Stiftl, Westphalian Gazette

„The order of the jungle: This is how „Hermeto’s Universe“ sounds…the musical and therefore spiritual life universe of Hermeto Pascoal is multifaceted, ambiguous, multi-layered: rhythms overlap, pulsate in opposite directions, accelerate or slow down a constant flow of sounds that seem to be incessantly simple, exist, and Hermeto’s message is clear: don’t talk so much, but listen, dive in, feel, let yourself in for it. …Yes, this music speaks to us in tongues, if you like, and Steffen Schorn is on the right track with his adaptation, which may actually lead us to the holy grail of Brazilian music as it occurs in the Hermeto Pascoals universe.“
Roland Biswurm, BR2 (Radio Bavaria)


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