BuJazzO meets WDR BIG BAND concert

BuJazzO meets WDR BIG BAND
excerpts from final concert at WDR

Every two years, the renowned professionals of the WDR BIG BAND meet the motivated young musicians of the BUNDESJAZZORCHESTER. This is the fifth time that the young musicians have benefited from this lively cooperation. Coaching, workshops, exchange of ideas, joint rehearsals and subsequent concerts in Heek and Cologne. For the young jazz musicians, it is a unique opportunity to watch their experienced colleagues at work during intensive rehearsals and concerts, to get advice in individual coaching sessions, and to exchange ideas about style and technique. More WDR BIG BAND: http://www.wdr-bigband.de https://www.facebook.com/wdrbigband/ More BuJAZZO: https://www.bundesjazzorchester.de/st

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