The Norwegian Wind Ensemble conducted by Steffen Schorn

In the beginning of 2009 was the start a very fruitful artistic collaboration:

Composer, conductor and multiinstrumentalist Steffen Schorn was invited to arrange and conduct a musical contribution for the traditional new years concert of Norways oldest and finest wind orchestra: the Norwegian Wind Ensemble.

It was very soon clear that both partners had found what they have been looking for:

A professionally trained high class orchestra with unique sound, perfect intonation, rhythmic precision, striking virtuosity, curios for experimenting with new musical forms and structural ideas, carrying 275 years of tradition –
and a universal mind with sophisticated orchestration skills, full of infinite musical ideas, having performed in 65 countries around the world, capable of playing a whole kaleidoscope of rarely heard low woodwind instruments like B-tubax, bass sax, contraalto clarinet, bass flute . . .   in his own most spectacular way.

Steffen Schorn was asked to work as composer, arranger, regular guest conductor and program curator for the Norwegian Wind Ensemble – sharpening the profile, focussing on profound rhythmical training and advanced orchestral improvisation concepts.

Four full-evening concert programs have been created and performed at cultural events like the Oslo Jazz Festival 2010, concerts at Kulturkirken Jacob 2010/2011, the International Realtime Symposium 2012 – unforgettable moments for enthusiastic audiences.

World class artists like Tyshawn Sorey, Marcio Bahia, Rune Arnessen (drums), Irmgard Zavelberg (violin), Per Arne Glorvigen (bandoneon), Olga Konkova (piano), Rob Waring (vibes), Lars Andreas Haug (tuba) have been featured guest soloists carefully chosen for each program.

A constant partner has been improviser extraordinaire Roger Hanschel (alto & F-mezzo saxes), who had been continuously playing together with Steffen Schorn since the early 90´s in ensembles like the legendary „Cologne Saxophone Mafia“, the group „Triosphere“, the „Steffen Schorn Septett“, and the „Universe of Possibilities“. Together they have been extensively touring around the globe and developed a blind, symbiotical understanding for each other, which perfectly matches the sonic aural skills of the Norwegian Wind Ensemble:

Breathtaking virtuosity and rhythmic precizion with natural ease and beauty of sound.

All concerts have been recorded on Audio and Video, releases are temporarily under construction.

The brandnew CD – Steffen Schorn´s „Tiefenträume“
The Norwegian Wind Ensemble conducted by Steffen Schorn – is soon ready to be released.

Detailled Information of the Concert Programs:

„Brazilia“• „Tango Nuevo“• „Tiefenträume“ • „Cellular Structures“

on youtube:

HR Big Band „Mongolia“

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

HR Big Band „Viva o Som“