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CD „Pictures Behind“, Drømmer

CD “Pictures Behind“ Rayka Wehner – Stimme/Klavier/Komposition Steffen Schorn – Baritonsaxophon

NDR Big Band feat. Nils Wogram – Work Smoothly

The second album with the legendary NDR Bigband. the Hamburg radio broadcast orchestra. recorded live to two track analog tape in a similar set up as the Duke Ellington Big Band from the late 50ies. All music composed and arranged by Nils. Somehow old school with some of Nils` contemporary ideas. Some great solos from the band members and guest Jochen Rueckert and Bojan Z.



By Rainer Tempel Bigband

Dave Liebman* – Brussels Jazz Orchestra ‎– Guided Dream

Guided Dream

CD Guided Dream

Nils Wogram „SWING MORAL“

Swing Moral

Nils Wogram – trombone, comp;
Claudio Puntin – clarinet, alto sax; Tilman Ehrhorn – tenorsax;
Steffen Schorn – baritone sax, bass cl; John Schröder – drums;
Frank Speer – altosax;

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