• 1967 born in Aalen, Germany
  • 1973 first trumpet lesson
  • 1975 first original composition
  • 1981 changed from trumpet to saxophone, self-taught
  • 1986-90 member of YOUTH JAZZ ORCHESTRA of the German State Baden-
  • 1988-92 jazz saxophone studies, Musikhochschule Köln, Germany
  • 1990 foundation of the TIMELESS ART ORCHESTRA wtih Klaus Graf, Germany
  • 1990-96 bass clarinet studies, contemporary music, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 1991 foundation of the STEFFEN SCHORN & CLAUDIO PUNTIN DUO (-> DUO)
    student of Prof. Sergiu Celibidache (musical phenomenology)  University of Mainz, Germany
  • 1992-96 trips to Brazil with Claudio Puntin, concerts with HERMETO PASCOAL E   GRUPO
  • 1994 member of the KÖLNER SAXOPHON MAFIA, tour of India
  • 1995 opening of Steffen Schorn’s own recording studio
    tour of West Africa by invitation of the Goethe-Institute – DUO
  • 1996 tour of China and Thailand, Int. Jazz Festival Beijing – with DUO musical director of the BOBBY BURGESS BIG BAND EXPLOSION, Germany member of the GEORGE GRUNTZ CONCERT JAZZ BAND, tour of Russia guest conductor of the NDR-BIG BAND, Germany realization of the first „Self-Portrait“
  • 1997 int. festival Whoops That Clarinet, Grooningen, Netherlands tour of Egypt – with GEOGRE GRUNTZ CONCERT JAZZ BAND tour of the USA, performances at the Knitting Factory, New York invitation to perform at the international Clarinet Fest 97-with DUO, Lubbock, Texas foundation of the STEFFEN SCHORN SEPTETT member of the NDR BIG BAND, Hamburg, Germany
  • 1998 tour of Europe, USA and Canada – with GEORGE GRUNTZ CONCERT JAZZ BAND musical director of MARK NAUSSIF’s „Solos and Satellites“ – with NDR BIGBAND, Germany
  • 1999 festival performances Mas Que Musica – with DUO, Lisbon, Portugal musical director of the project „Duo & Bigband“ – with NDR BIGBAND and DUO, Germany
    tour of South America – with NDR BIGBAND
  • 2000 musical director Int. New Jazz Meeting Baden-Baden – with CLAUDIO PUNTIN
    premiere of „Chiang Mai Suite“ (Big BAND EXPLOSION & DUO), Germany
    premiere of the Suite „Tiefenträume“ – with NDR BIGBAND & DUO, ZKM Karlsruhe,
    foundation of TRIOSPHERE
    premiere & studio concert “Bb•A•C•B“ – with TRIOSPHERE & HR-BIGBAND,
    Frankfurt, Germany
    end of professional association with the NDR BIG BAND
    commissioned work „Cellular Structures“ for Donaueschinger Musiktage 2000,
    tour of China – with KÖLNER SAXOPHON MAFIA
    tour of Bolivia – with DUO
  • 2001 tour of Estonia – with DUO, Finland, Russia
    head of jazz department and professor of composition, arrangement and saxophone, Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg, Germany
    jubilee: 20 years KÖLNER SAXOPHON MAFIA, CD prduction
    jubilee: 10 years SCHORN PUNTIN DUO, CD production
  • 2002 tour of Estonia – with DUO – collaboration with the NATIONAL BALLET TALLIN
    tour of South- and Central America – with DUO
    tour of Madagascar – with KÖLNER SAXOPHON MAFIA
    production & concerts of „for me is just now anytime“ – with HR-BIGBAND,
    Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2003 tour of Abidjan / Ivory Coast – with KÖLNER SAXOPHON MAFIA
    member of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
    Rheingau Festival – with KÖLNER SAXOPHON MAFIA, Germany
    commissioned work for the WDR „Requiem für einen rastlosen Geist“, Germany
    Kontakte -TRIOSPHERE & LAUTTEN COMPAGNEY (Ensemble for Old Music) –
    Fränkischer Sommer 2003 – Musica Franconia, a project with the BR (Bavarian
    Radio), Germany
    Jazz International Rotterdam, soloist of the festival ensemble & SCHORN PUNTIN
    arrangements & CD production for Songlines & string quartet
    tour of Germany – with Nils Wogram’s ODD & AWKWARD SEPTET                „Bühne frei im Studio 2“ BR (Bavarian Radio) live-production – STEFFEN SCHORN
    SEPTET tour of Vietnam – with DUO: European Music Festival
  • 2004 CD release „TRIOSPHERE“ – with TRIOSPHEREtour of Germany – with Lucas Niggli’s BIG ZOOM  Musiktriennale Köln – with TRIOSPHERE, Germany
    CD production „Spaceplayer“ – with KÖLNER SAXOPHON MAFIA
    CD release „Odd & Awkward“ with NILS WOGRAM’S SEXTET AND OCTET
  • 2005 tour of Serbia: Ring Ring Festival in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevaç – with DUO
    radio production with BR, festival Tage Neuer Musik, Nuremberg, Germany
    tour of Germany with Alejandro Sanchez Nonett+1
    festival Jazz in Duketown – with TRIOSPHERE , Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
    WDR-radio production, Traumzeit Festival – with NILS KLEIN TENTETT, Duisburg,
    Germany                                                                                                              concerts in Germany – with HERMETO PASCOAL E GRUPO
    tour of Lisbon – with TRIOSPHERE, on behalf of the Goethe-Institute
    concerts in Germany – with Lucas Niggli’s BIG ZOOM
    tour of South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Madagascar – with
    CD release & tour – with NILS WOGRAM SEPTET
    BR’s radio production – with  STEFFEN SCHORN SEPTET
    World Bass Clarinet Convention – with DUO, Rotterdam, Netherlands
    CD production – with TRIOSPHERE
  • 2006 15 years SCHORN PUNTIN DUO, CD production
    25 years KÖLNER SAXOPHONE MAFIA, CD production
    premiere of „Dreamtime-Suite“ at the Traumzeit Festival – with STEFFEN SCHORN SEPTETT, Duisburg, Germany
    festival Soccer-Noize – with TRIOSPHERE feat. JOHN SCHRÖDER, Johannesburg,
    South Africa
    „Brasileiro – The Music of Hermeto Pascoal“ – with HR-BIGBAND, concerts in Germany
    premiere of „Infra für tiefe Töne“ by Johannes Fritsch
  • 2007 concerts in Germany as guest conductor and composer for WNBB Köln (Cologne Contemporary Orchestra)
    festival Tage Aktueller Musik, Nuremberg, Germany
    BR studio concert with ALEJANDRO SANCHEZ NONETT+1
    „Tudo e Som – all is Sound“ music by Hermeto Pascoal – with MANNHEIM JAZZ
    ORCHESTRA, concerts in Germany
    festival appearances – with GEIR LYSNE LISTENING ENSEMBLE, in Bergen and Oslo
    WDR-production „Blauklang“, Traumzeit Festival, Duisburg, Germany
    CD production“Viva o Som! The Music of Hermeto Pascoal“ (HR-BIGBAND), Germany
    CD production „Nur nicht aus Liebe weinen“ – with KÖLNER SAXOPHON MAFIA
  • 2008 foundation of the EUROPEAN JAZZ COMPOSERS NETWORK (EJCN) in Denmark
    workshop and concerts with the BIG BAND OF THE KONSERVATORIUM AARHUS,
    musical director of  „Summer Hummer“ – with SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA AND BIG
    BAND, feat. Martin Fondse and Claudio Puntin, Atrium-Klänge Nürnberg, Germany
    „The Grieg Code“ CD-production – with GEIR LYSNE ENSEMBLE, Oslo, Norway
    CD-production and concerts – with Martin Fondse´s STARVINSKI ORKESTAR,
    Netherland festival Roarig Hooves, Ulan Bator and Gobi Desert, Mongolia
    tour of Syria, England, Austria, Italy – with Helge Sunde Norske Store Orkester
    tour of Denmark – with Lars Mœller and THE ORCHESTRA & DANISH CHAMBER
    CD-release „Blauklang“
  • 2009 musical director at the festival Women In Jazz – with BUJAZZO, Essen and Halle, Germany
    guest conductor and arranger – with NORWEGIAN WIND ENSEMBLE
    CD release and concerts „The Grieg Code“ – with GEIR LYSNE ENSEMBLE
    CD release „Fragrant Moondrops“ – with Martin Fondse´s STARVINSKY ORKESTAR
    CD production and concerts in Denmark – with Lars Mœller & THE ORCHESTRA
    production and concert – with NORWEGIAN WIND ENSEMBLE
    concerts in Czech Republic, Luxemburg and Holland – with KÖLNER SAXOPHON
    artist in residence at the Landesjazzfest Baden-Württemberg, Konstanz, Germany
    foundation of European Jazz Composers Network
  • 2010 musical director of the BUJAZZO’s „45. Arbeitsphase“
    musical director of the BUJAZZO’s “45. Arbeitsphase”
    composer, arranger and musical director of „hybrid music” – concert series with the
    Norwegian Wind Ensemble
    composer & musical director of „Mongolia“, 41. Deutsches Jazzfestival –
    with HR BIGBAND, Frankfurt, Germany